When I was younger, my Dad got me a slingshot. Nothing fancy, not like the amazing steel and super rubber stuff they have today, just a simple wooden “Y” with some old fashioned vulcanized rubber. I tell you I had a ball with that thing. When the rubber got tired and broke/died, I sourced new rubber from old car inner tubes and such. When the wood “Y” frame finally broke, I made a new one from whatever was at hand. I loved that thing. But not as much as I would have loved this…

Slingshot Crossbow

Slingshot Crossbow
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Whooo Boy! Now THAT is a Slingshot. Lets see here: A heavy duty, steel reinforced wooden crossbow stock. A strong, spring steel crossbow prod with lots of travel. An all steel cocking/trigger/release mechanism. Yep, ladies and germs, mix that with children, of both the young and old variety, with some time to kill, and what we have here is a bona fide recipe for all manner of projectile based shenanigans.

Notwithstanding the obvious trouble one could get themselves into with such a weapon, this is just a sweet looking slingshot crossbow. And they even retained the little “Y”up front to make it easier for traditional sling shot purists to aim! That is just schweet! Seriously. Now I am actually thankful that we didn’t have things like this when I was growing up. If my dad had gotten me one of these, there would have been no end to the mischief! But I’d have been the coolest kid on the block, because, let’s face it, crossbows are just cool.

In fact, I’d say if you mix any weapon with a crossbow form factor, it becomes like 10 times cooler. Don’t believe me? Look:

  • Bow (Cool.) + Rifle Stock = Crossbow: Super Cool!!
  • Pistol (Sweet.) + Crossbow Prod = Pistol Crossbow: Uber Sweet!!
  • Slingshot (Noice.) + Rifle stock = Crossbow Slinghsot: Hella Noice!!
  • Imperial Blaster Carbine: (Awesome.) + Crossbow Prod = Bowcaster: Mega Awesome!!

Any questions?

Crossbow Slingshot – [Knights Edge]