Or, more accurately in this case, a skeleton grip. Either way it’s weird.

The Skeletar by Shane Sloan

The Skeletar by Shane Sloan

This is, somewhat appropriately named, the Skeletar, designed by Shane Sloan. I though I’d post about this knife because it has some rather interesting design characteristics. Some of which are serious flaws (imho) and others just… Unusual.

Let’s start with the blade. Sporting a very, sharp looking point, this I like. The rest… eh. it does have a nice curve to the sharp edge bevel grind, on the spine, which I will admit to also liking. The edge grind actually takes an unusual 90degree turn just before the ricasso, creating a blade shelf, which I thought was in interesting design statement.

The front edge of the blade almost seems nonexistent, possessing a very shallow bevel that is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the blade in this pic. Hard to tell whether it’s even sharpened or not. As a result, maybe even because of the lighting, I found the overall appearance confusing to the eye, the sharp well defined spine grind, and the curve of the blade almost makes it look like the main edge of the blade, making the grip look like it’s on backwards. But maybe it is, and that was the point. (or an accident that went exactly according to plan… 😀 )

The ricasso itself is unremarkable, except for the fact that it shrinks a little just before the hilt, disappearing between the split guards atop the grip, into a stub tang, that is bolted onto the grip. This design choice, gets a big thumbs down from me, simply because I think this is perhaps one of the worst ways to attach a blade to a grip. stubby tangs and bolts? NOT.

However the grip itself is a rather interesting dealio. Rather than go with the traditional full grip, the designer opted to create two sections, the black floating finger/choil area, attached to a contoured, cross drilled palm  area, by a set of three pegs. If not for the choils, I would have been hard pressed to say which part of this knife was the front edge and which part was the spine…

That little spine/blade design oddity is what caught my eye about this knife. I guess there is something to be said for lateral thinking in knife design. Just so long as said lateral thinking remains firmly tethered to fantasy knife land… 🙂

Skeletar by Shane Sloan – [Collectors Edge]