While doing some doing some arbitrary weapon rounds, I came across an axe which, for lack of a better description, seems to be suffering from an identity crisis:

Battle Axe of Darkness

Battle Axe of Darkness

If it is not immediately apparent, this axe is actually quite unusual in design. Unlike most traditional axe designs, that feature an axe head attached to a shaft through and eye, this appears to be some sort of Sword/Axe crossover weapon. If you look at the handle and the shaft, minus the axe head itself, it almost looks like a sword! In fact, the axe head appears to be a continuation of the sword like handle and shaft.

As if to further confuse the issue, the handle is adorned much like a sword would be, with a hand guard, (which is generally a wasted feature on an axe), and sword pommel to boot! Kinda makes me wonder whether this axe designer was in the middle of some traumatic crisis during the design phase of this thing, that somehow trickled down into the design. Maybe a change of heart half way through the design? Maybe two separate plans got mixed together and didn’t get caught until manufacturing? Maybe the designer had a split personality disorder and each personality secretly designed one half of the axe without the other knowing? Who knows.

Regardless, I still thought it was a cool design, though I’d bet you’d feel quite a lot of the shock in your hands and arms if you hit something with this. But I’m guessing this is for show, and it looks really cool, so I guess, it doesn’t really matter. I only have one other question. If you are going to give an axe a name like “Battle Axe of Darkness”, why not make it black? Just askin’…

Battle Axe of Darkness – [A2 Armory]