In anticipation of a 4th of July Weekend, I thought I’d post about a really bright sword. A sword that lights up. Like Frodos sword Sting. Or Drizzt’s Twinkle. Or whatever. I’ll give you one guess what kind of sword I’m on about:

Master Yoda's Light Saber - By Force FX

Master Yoda's Light Saber - By Force FX

Errr… So… Ok… So I guess there will be no guessing then eh? Seeing as the pic is the first thing you see whrn click through to the post, it was kind of pointless for me to ask you to guess. I guess I’m just silly like that. This, in case you hadn’t noticed, is Master Yoda’s green Light Saber. Technically I’m actually much more a fan of the Blue saber. Or Mace Windus purple Saber. But no matter. Master Yoda’s saber is da bomb diggity.

Technically, however any color would work for the 4th of July. Especially since they all work the same. And you can even make your own 4th of July fireworks using this saber. Just find an army of droids, cut a couple of them down to make them start firing upon you with their blasters, and deflect all of the shots up into the sky. It’d be like the night time sky over a middle eastern country during war, being filled with AA tracer rounds. Ok… So perhaps not a good analogy. But you get the picture.

Me, I’ma go out and blow some stuff up. Yeah. You all have a Happy 4th of July now y’hear?

Master Yoda’s Light Saber by Force FX – [True Swords]