At last! I’ve found a variation of “Black Ronin” weaponry that doesn’t make me want to stab someone in the eye with an 8 year old sliver of rancid, over-salted rhinoceros jerky:

Musashi Midnight Ronin Katana

Musashi Midnight Ronin Katana

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Ok, ok, so it’s a “Midnight Ronin” weapon as opposed to “Black Ronin”, but it’s still a chip (albeit a very small, and rather tastefully carved and crafted chip) off the old “Black Ronin” block. Seriously. Ronin were masterless, discredited Samurai.

And yet they seem to be the modern blade makers equivalent of smugly saying “Yeah… It’s a V8…” to a muscle car gear head. Perhaps I should come out with a specialty “Convict” line of weapons. Shivs and zip guns and whatnot. I’m sure they’ll sell like hotcakes…

But I digress. I must admit, Musashi Forge does have a way with steel, AND they get props from me for correctly using the term Ronin in the naming of a blade. Unlike the many other jokers whose blades we have seen in countless previous posts, THIS is actually a Samurai sword. Make no mistake. Ronin were Samurai.

The fact that they were masterless did not automatically make Samurai discard their trusty swords and pick up those ridiculous “Black Ronin” weapons we see all over the place. Nor did they go to the local blacksmith and say “Hey blackie, you need to make my sword black, cause I’m a Ronin now.” That’s just plain ridiculous.

No, they were samurai, as they were before, same swords, same techniques, same code of honor. They were often just Samurai who had been dismissed, dishonored or simply parted ways with those whom they previously served, for any number of often valid reasons. But the tools remained the same. Much like this one. And a glorious tool this is too.

Now as I’ve said before, I’ve seen so many shiny blades that they really do little for me. And this one, at least so far as the blade is concerned, is not much different form most other high quality katanas. Now don’t get me wrong, It is an excellent hand made blade, with outstanding fit and finish, as are most Musashi forged blades. And I love the almost cobalt blue saya (scabbard), as it is a nice but rarely used color. But what really caught my eye on this weapon was the hilt. Specifically the very beautifully done tsuba, fuchi and kashira.

Musashi Forge – Midnight Ronin Katana – Hilt

Musashi - Midnight Ronin

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The copper kashira (or pommel), fuchi (collar) and tsuba (guard) have been painstakingly formed with beautifully designed dragons, a horse, rider and carriage, a monk and even a hut, all beautifully accented and highlighted with real gold and silver paint. Absolutely beautiful.

Now If only they would combine the hilt fittings on this sword with one with a black blade… I’d totally be all over it. No second thoughts. I guess I must admit to being addicted to Black Ronin weapons. Just so long as they are actually authentic “Samurai/Ronin” swords, and not bastardized mutant “Ninja” weapons masquerading shamelessly as such…

Musashi Forge Elite series – Midnight Ronin Katana – [True Swords]