In my last post you got to hear me whine incessantly about a Fantasy axe that was neither fantastic nor axe-like. This time around, I thought I’d show you what a real “Fantasy Axe” is supposed to look like:

Fantasy Axe

Single Hand Fantasy Axe
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Now this is what an axe is supposed to look like. Big broad blade. Wide curving crescent shaped edge. Plenty of cheek to the axe head. This: Axe. The other thing..: Not Axe. I’m sure you agree.

Now ironically, while I’m happy to say that this is most definitely an axe, I must admit that as fantasy axes go, it’s not particularly “fantastic”. It’s pretty much what any regular axe should look like. Thats not to say that it isn’t a good looking axe, because it is, but rather that the “fantasy” label was really not necessary. This axe is needed no such fanfare to look like it means business. There are a few interesting features on this axe that are subtle, but lend to this no-nonsense look.

Fantasy one hand axe
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If you look closely at the pic above, you’ll notice that the axe handle is tied with a leather thong, tacked in place using broad headed nails. Also the handle itself is not actually straight, but rather has a very subtle “S” curve to it, with a slight flare at both the grip and eye ends. This particular design makes for a cool aesthetic touch that also just happens to provide both bumps and ridges on the handle which would improve the wielders grip tremendously compared to a straight, plain wooden shaft.

The Axe head is also interesting. The blade looks like it was made out of a heavy gauge plate steel, folded over to create an eye, and welded together to create the cheek and blade. The shaft appears to also be pinned in place through the middle of the side of the eye, which also sports an interesting set of opposite matching “V” notches at the top and the bottom, with the top of the handle being carved out to match. Yet another interesting feature is that the rear of the eye sports a very long, thick, rectangular impact surface. conceivably to enable the wielder to inflict blunt trauma against armored foes. Yep, fun all around.

Anyhoo, overall, I like the many simple and subtle design features of this axe. Certainly beats the over-modernized, super non fantastic non-axe I was faced with before. Just goes to show, subtlety and simplicity can be a very beautiful thing…

Fantasy Axe – [By The Sword]