I have always been a fan of axes. And though I do like large ones, I’d have to say that I’m particularly partial to the smaller, lighter, melee style axes. Especially throwable ones like the Hurlbat or the Beil-Ax. Or those that have a decidedly wicked bent to their design. Like this one:

The War Shark Axe

The War Shark Axe

As you can see, this axe has not been named in vain. Though the design is relatively simple, the sharks fin motif has been implemented in a fairly comprehensive, tasteful and practical way.

The fins are not necessarily just for show. The way they have been implemented is such that this axe could be used as a great parrying weapon, with the small “fins” on the spine used to trap an opponents weapon. And I’m sure the large shark fin on the rear of the axe head could be used to lethal effect against other weapons, probably even armor.

The shark fin extending down from the pommel might actually make this weapon a little difficult to throw, because of the propensity for it to get hooked upon the throwing hand, which is the only detractor I can see, however, it could definitely come in handy during close-in combat.

All in all, an aesthetically pleasing and practical melee weapon design. Certainly a weapon worthy of the notorious, strange and mythical, medieval land shark… Yeah. Ok. I made that last part up. But the axe is wicked cool nonetheless…

War Shark Axe – [Medieval Weapon Art]