Battle axes are some of the most brutish weapons out there. Their sheer size and heft makes them a match for even armored opponents, who can be damaged by the impact of the weapon alone, even if the edge doesn’t actually penetrate the armor.

But all of this comes at the cost of speed. Battle axes are not the fastest weapons on earth. But I love them anyway. I’m not sure why, but as far back as I can remember, every time I sketched a weapon design on a piece of paper, it was of a double edged battle axe, or D-BAX as I like to call them… 😉

Which brings me to the topic of todays post. I found a D-BAX whose design looked remarkably like one I had sketched many years ago:

Double Edged Battle Axe

Double Bladed Battle Axe
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Yeah. That’s pretty much what it looked like. Except that the variations I created always either had a simple flat, rounded or pointed pommel. I really like this design. Probably because it looks like a horned bat. I always had a thing for organic looking weapons. I also had a variation with just one point in the middle.

Anyway, I thought I would post this becuause it is actually a very good example of the kinds of DBAX I would make, right down to the finish on the steel. Though i might use wood or synthetic scales for the handle. And actually, with the technology available today, I would probably also make it jet black. (Of course!) But the basic shape would remain the same.

Some day, I think I’m going to start a little knife shop and make one of these myself…

Double Edged Battle Axe – [Swords of Honor]