Today I came across an interesting knife, one whose name suggests it aims to do a couple of different things, but whose design, imho, really only suits one of them well.

United 48 Fighting Knife - Razor Rescue

United 48 Fighting Knife - Razor Rescue

Quite a unique blade profile. However I think it’s name is a little misleading. When I look at the design of this knife, I can see it would be great for a few specific things. However fighting is not one of them. I’m not saying it’s a bad knife, and it could certainly be used for fighting, but that is not really what I think it’s design is best suited for.

Here are it’s strengths, as I see them. The long straight blade and serrated edge would be is excellent for cutting people out of straps, and cables and such, and the  hook on the spine would make short work of seat belts and the like. The abrupt, reverse tanto tip appears very strong, and should be able to penetrate hard objects like bricks or metal.

The wide blade, whose width stays pretty much the same until almost the tip, would even make it a relatively proficient digging tool. The grip is a good solid weather resistant grip whose contours would actually provide fairly decent retention qualities. But what all this adds up to, is Emergency Rescue use. Possibly for survival. But for fighting, I think it would be a very limiting design.

I’d have no issues packing something like this if I were an EMT or a Firefighter. In fact it would probably excel in that role. But as a fighting tool, I’d most definitely pick something else. So when I read names that start with “Fighting Knife” I can’t help but think the “fighting” bit of the design took a back seat to the “Razor Rescue” bit…

United 48 Fighting Knife – Razor Rescue – [True Swords]