Ok… so up until this point I’ve posted a lot of gun blades, blade guns, gun like blades, etc… Today I ran across something a little new. A rifle blade.

CSA Rifle Sword

CSA Rifle Sword

Now before you ask, no, it is not actually a working firearm. though it does look a whole lot like one. So this cannot technically be called a gunblade. Or a rifleblade, as it were. This is more like… a rifle-like sword. Or a sword cane. Or actually a sword rifle. Or whatever. Take your pick.

The important thing is that there’s a cool, almost 28″ blade, in what looks like an equally cool civil war rifle, when sheathed. Coolness all around. The grip of the sword is made to look like a working trigger group, firing mechanism and butt stock of a civil war rifle, while the sheath replicates the barrel of the rifle, complete with plunger.

A cool idea. Except for one thing. From a tactical standpoint, it kinda seems self defeating to disguise a sword as a rifle. Think about it. Disguising a sword as a cane gives you an advantage because you can hide the true power of your weapon. But this… Well, it’s like bringing a sword to a rifle fight. It may look cool, but you probably wouldn’t fare very well if push came to shove.

But I might just be over analyzing it a bit.

Either way it’s an absolutely beautiful piece of work. So just ignore me. 🙂

CSA Rifle Sword – [True Swords]