So a long while back I came across this sword and stuffed it in my archives for future review… Primarily because it was black and it had some cool qualities. I can’t remember exactly what particular qualities… Hmm… Lesse… Right! It was black. And pointy… Alrighty then. Let’s carry on shall we. Allow me to introduce:

The Galaxy Shocker.

Galaxy Shocker
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Now here’s the thing. For reasons I cannot fathom. I am really on the fence about whether this sword is cool or not. Honestly. I’m at a loss. On the one hand I could say the blade has some nice clean lines, and the hilt is simple. I like that about this sword. But then you have that wierd pointy thing on the pommel, which kinda ruins the whole effect for me. If not for that, I’d really take a fancy to the simplicity of the design.

Or perhaps I’m just getting persnickety…

Galaxy Shocker  – [True Swords]