It’s been a while since I posted about a weapons with a dragon motif that I really liked, so when I saw this I thought, Cool…:

Dragon Flame Bowie

Dragon Flame Bowie
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I really like the lines of this bowie. While the the last dragon sword I posted about, was a beautifully crafted weapon, the dragon/fire motif completely consumed the weapons design, and I found I needed to think a little bit outside my rather admittedly square imagination to properly visualize what the designer was trying to accomplish.

The design of this weapon, on the other hand, is clear and not overpowering. But not too subtle either. The wire wrapped handle and relatively simple pointed butt cap are understated but stylish. If you look just above the pommel and just below the guard, you can see a little of the dragon flame motif at work.

From the guard on upwards is just beautiful steel. The guard is actually the front limbs of the dragon, which rises from the grip and into the blade. The curves of the blade are also well done, with a very cool inward curve and a sharp, well defined transition to the deep curve of the edge of the blade, and a smooth subtle continuous curve on the spine. Have I mentioned how much I love those kinds of curves?

Normally, I’m not a particularly big fan of print on the blade, but this was actually well done, looking like the dragon was breathing fire that followed the curve of the edge. I think this is an excellently implemented take on what is usually (very) boring traditional bowie design. Have dragon bowie, will travel…

Dragon Flame Bowie – [True Swords]