I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend lately. It seems like many replica sword designers/manufacturers, have begun the rather distasteful practice of selectively removing sharp points from their reproductions. I have seen this occur, with much dismay, to a few video game and anime movie weapons. But the list is growing. I even talked a little about it in my “Sword of Oni” post. But what follows is an even worse example than that one.

If you have been following this blog since it’s lowly inception, you may remember I made a couple of posts on oversized Bleach weapons before. Well, our next example is yet another HumungoBleach weapon. I guess I shouldn’t go into too much detail about this weapon, because the swords of Bleach are themselves important characters, and could easily spend several posts just talking about them.

But this particular weapon is a pretty good example of the sacrilege that has been committed with some of these blades. Below is supposedly a reproduction of a weapon, specifically a Zanpakutō (a sword possessing a sentient spirit) used in the anime series Bleach, specifically by the character Renji Abarai, called Zabimaru:

Zabimaru – Renji Abarai’s Zanpakutō

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Now if you aren’t a fan of Bleach, It may not be immediately obvious what’s wrong with the picture above. But being the helpful chap that I am, I’m gonna show you. Below is what this sword is supposed to look like:

Zabimaru - Bleach
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That sword on the right? That’s Zabimaru. Uh huh. Incidentally, that huge baboon with a snake tail, is the spirit of Zabimaru. But I guess you didn’t need to know that. I’ll get back to the matter at hand. Which is showing you an even better (though smaller) pic of what this sword is supposed to look like:

Zabimaru - Black and white

That’s Zabimaru. See how Zabimaru is segmented? See the really intimidating points on the back of each segment? See the large blade/edge and big point at the tip of the last segment of the blade? Well, now look at the repro again. If you are anything like me, you should at this juncture, be hollerin’ (at the top of your lungs) the following:


Look at it. They sucked all the wickedness out of it! What is this obscenity, and what have you done to Zabimaru! Come on! This is supposed to be a menacing, saw-toothed, over-sized “Don’t- even- THINK- ’bout- lookin’- at- me- sideways- or- I’ll- cut- you- in- half” sword! NOT a giant freakin’ COMB!!! Gah! Ok, breathe, man, breathe… Woosah… *sigh*

Ya know, I’ll grant you that I am a weapons nutcase. I’ll also concede that I *might* be making a big deal out of what is simply an ungainly  lump of steel to everyone else. I can even understand what one might be tempted to cut corners and stuff, but really, I’d much rather just enjoy looking at a really expensive repro, than buy a cheap, badly made one.

It always gets my goat to see something that could have been soo cool, get soo butchered to this extent. Especially when the design of this sword is so integral to it’s functionality and it’s role in the series. (Watch the Bleach anime and you’ll see what I’m saying). Such a waste… Rounding off all those perfectly good points… Bastiges…

Renji Abarai’s Zanpakutō – Zabimaru – [King Of Swords]