Today I encountered a rather unique blade:

Dragon Scimitar

Dragon Scimitar
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 As you can see, this weapon in unique in many ways. Where to start. Ah. The business end of any bladed weapon. The blade, of course! In case your not sure what your eyes are telling you, yes, the blade is in fact colored red. A deep, deep red. becoming almost black towards the edges. This by itself is an unusual design. In fact I think the only other red bladed sword I have blogged about has been Zar’roc, from the movie Eragon. Though I have to admit it works much better better here.

As if the red treatment weren’t enough, the overall design of the blade is absolutely wicked. I’m betting this is the work of an elven swordsmith. Just love the sweeping curve of the blade. And then we have the guard. What a guard. This guard is designed with two blades, one on either sides, colored to match the blade. What’s even wilder is that it is attached magnetically, and can be removed and used as an impromptu hand weapon, thanks to some built in finger holes. Don’t know how practical it would be, but it’s crazy enough to get my vote!

Finally we have the black grip, topped off with a dragons talon butt cap. Overall, the red dragon theme has been done pretty tastefully. The only area that I thought went over the top a little bit, was the guard, which for some reason, got very poorly treated on the grip side, in order to accommodate the little removable magnet guard gimmick. Totally unnecessary. There are a lot more secure mechanical methods of doing the same thing, that would have allowed for a more seamless aesthetic. But I’ll give them an “A” for effort…

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