With my recent post on serious fighting knives, I thought I’d follow up with a post on a less utilitarian, and more aesthetically interesting blade.

Devils Glare Dagger

Devils Glare Dagger
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Now this is an interesting little piece. I find this dagger interesting because of it’s heavy reliance on straight lines, and most predominantly, triangles, in it’s design. I like the angularity of it’s geometry, the cut of it’s jib… well, you get the picture.

This weapon is an interesting study in triangulation. First you have the blade, which is essentially, one big triangle that comes to a really sharp point. I like that. The blade has a large void, (also triangular) leading down to the hilt, which is adorned with what I can only presume is a devils skull, with a set of blue eyes. I don’t really know what they are made of, but they look cool, and set off the rest of the hilt quite well.

The guard consists of a set of triangular spikes emanating perpendicularly outwards from the demons cheekbones, and backed up with yet another smaller set of similar spikes at a 45 degree angle to the guard. The grip extends from the bottom of the skull, and is also a gradually tapering triangle, adorned with small squares (or a collection of triangles) down to the triangularly pointed pommel.

Triangles all around. I’ll bet Pythagoras would have loved this dagger…

Devils Glare Dagger – [Collectors Edge]