In a recent post I did a little ranting about a so called “Fantasy Bowie Knife” that had absolutely nothing in common with a bowie. Well, I find myself in the pleasant position of blogging about a knife that is much better suited to wearing the “bowie” title:

Dragon Fire Bowie

Dragon Fire Bowie
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And for once, we have a knife whose name is not paradoxical, outlandish out of control or purely outrageous. This, my friends, could pass as a bowie knife. It has a broad blade, and a relatively deep belly. That’s good enough for me. And even the “Dragon” moniker makes sense here, as it is very strongly dragon themed. Actually I blogged about a Dragon Flame Bowie with a similar “dragon fire” theme in the past. But these two accomplish exactly the same thing in quite a different manner.

Like the other bowie, what we have here, is a blade with a dragon shaped handle, with flames being blown onto the blade by the Dragon. But that is where the similarities end.  The Dragon Fire Bowie has a cool black dragon skin textured grip, the rises into a polished silver dragon head, complete with scales and a set of fore limbs tucked up into the hilt.

The blade rises from that, sporting several strategically placed large serrations on the spine, to emphasize the effect of fire breathing dragon. The flames emanating from the dragons mouth are painted in, like the other blade, but this one employs a lot more fine detail in portraying the fire being spewed from the mouth of the dragon.

Overall, I like this design much better, though I much preferred the blade shape of the other blade. Perhaps if I put that blade on this handle… What? I can dream can’t I?

Dragon Fire Bowie – [True Swords]